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CHROMagar - France

AquaCHROM ECC 100/box - AQ056

CHROMagar Acinetobacter Base 5000ml - AC092(B)

CHROMagar Acinetobacter Sup. 5000ml - AC092(S)

CHROMagar Acinetobacter Sup.MRD 5000ml - CR102

CHROMagar B.Cereus Base 5000ml - BC732(B)

CHROMagar B.Cereus Sup. 5000ml - BC732(S)

CHROMagar Campylobacter Base 5000ml - CP572(B)

CHROMagar Campylobacter Sup. 5000ml - CP572(S)

CHROMagar Candida 5000ml - CA222

CHROMagar CCA 5000ml - EF342

CHROMagar C.Difficle Base 5000ml - CD122(B)

CHROMagar C.Difficle Sup. 5000ml - CD122(S)

CHROMagar C.Perfringens Base 5000ml - PF652(B)

CHROMagar C.Perfringens Sup.S1 5000ml - PF652(S1)

CHROMagar C.Perfringens Sup.S2 5000ml - PF652(S2)

CHROMagar Cronobacter 5000ml - MC122

CHROMagar ECC 5000ml - EF322

CHROMagar E.Coli 5000ml - EC168

CHROMagar Enterobacteria 5000ml - EB042

CHROMagar Enterobacteria Sup. S1 5000ml - TT100L

CHROMagar Enterobacteria Sup. S2 5000ml - CV702

CHROMagar ESBL Sup. 5000ml - ES372

CHROMagar KPC Sup. 5000ml - KP102

CHROMagar Liquid ECC 5000ml - EL382

CHROMagar Listeria Base 5000ml - LM852(B)

CHROMagar Listeria Sup. 5000ml - LM852(S)

CHROMagar Listeria Id. Base 250ml - LK970(B)

CHROMagar Listeria Id. Sup. 250ml - LK970(S)

CHROMagar Malassezia 5000ml - MZ282

CHROMagar Mastitis GN 5000ml - MS252/N

CHROMagar Mastitis GP Base 5000ml - MS252/P1

CHROMagar Mastitis GP Sup. 5000ml - MS252/P2

CHROMagar MH Orientation Base 5000ml - MH482(B)

CHROMagar MH Orientation Sup. 5000ml - MH482(S)

CHROMagar MRSA Base 5000ml - MR502

CHROMagar MRSA Sup. 20L - SU620

CHROMagar MSuperCARBA Base 5000ml - SC172(B)

CHROMagar MSuperCARBA Sup. 5000ml - SC172(S1)

CHROMagar O157 5000ml - EE222

CHROMagar Orientation 5000ml - RT412

CHROMagar Pseudomonas 5000ml - PS822

CHROMagar Salmonella Plus Base 5000ml - SA162(B)

CHROMagar Salmonella Plus Sup. 5000ml - SA162(S)

CHROMagar Staph.aureus 5000ml - TA672

CHROMagar STEC Base 5000ml - ST162(B)

CHROMagar STEC Sup. 5000ml - ST162(S)

CHROMagar Strep.B Base 5000ml - SB282(B)

CHROMagar Strep.B Sup.S1 5000ml - SB282(S1)

CHROMagar Strep.B Sup.S2 5000ml - SB282(S2)

CHROMagar Streptococcus Base 5000ml - CQ392(B)

CHROMagar Streptococcus Sup. 5000ml - CQ392(S)

CHROMagar TBX 5000ml - TX182

CHROMagar Vibrio 5000ml - VB912

CHROMagar VRE Base 5000ml - VR952(B)

CHROMagar VRE Sup. 5000ml - VR952(S)

CHROMagar Y.Enterocolitica Base 5000ml - YE492(B)

CHROMagar Y.Enterocolitica Sup 5000ml - YE492(S)

Rambach Agar Base 5000ml - RR702B

Rambach Agar Sup. 5000ml - RR702S

RambaQUICK Salmonella 1000ml - SQ001

CHROMagar Mycoplasma base 1000ml (MB640(B)

CHROMagar Mycoplasma sup. S1 1000ml (MB640(S1)

CHROMagar Mycoplasma sup. S2 1000ml (MB640(S2)

CHROMagar Mycoplasma sup. S3 1000ml (MB640(S3)

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